Ad2Location is a project created by UBIWIRELESS, LLC for Google Android's Application Development Challenge (ADC 2008). Google Android is a new platform, similar to whatJ2ME, Windows Mobile, and BREW are trying to accomplish in the mobile space, but as opposed to closed platforms (e.g. MSFT), Google claims that, as part of the "Open Handset Alliance," Android provides a path for developers and engineers to create new and innovative solutions in an open arena. For questions please contact :

Ad2Location is a mobile effort to convert one of the map layers into an interactive interface for the mobile user. The images shown on a map (e.g roads, streets) become your Canvas. The current google maps model provides a mechanism in which you can find “Starbucks around Latitude or Longitude,” or find your best price available for X or Y around a zip code.
However, when a user is already at certain vicinity, he may simply look around his local area, and from his cell phone and without leaving a map, may want to check, how many patrons are at local bar, what coupons the local supermarket may have available, or he/she may choose to make a reservation with a single click of a button.

Similarly, a business may place Ads at multiple locations, even if it's NOT physically there . By doing so, one may advertise in a map and try to drive customer attendance up to, let's say, a mile or two away ratio. By configuring the ad at the server side, each ad may point to the proper destination, or simply provide higher discounts to people coming from longer distances. Another simple application is that a restaurant may present an image of their web camera, and the amount of patrons waiting inline. Ad2Location can then provide a "button" for the mobile user to make a reservation and check before arriving into that particular location, or even provide an interface to make a phone call.

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You may download, a few ad2location files: Source code will not be made available for now.

Ubiwireless, LLC

UBIWIRELESS founded in October 2004 by Edwin Hernandez as a Florida-based startup company with innovate solutiosn and ideas in the areas of mobile applications. UBIWIRELESS works in partnership with EGLA CORP, a local embedded software consulting company in some of its developments. UBIWIRELESS focuses more on R&D and innovation where as EGLA CORP is more focus towards consulting and project with clearly defined roadmap.

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